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Learn how ULO can easily help you reduce your empty seats and increase revenue.

What We Do

ULO connects your business with thousands of customers who are looking for lifestyle services at “off-peak” periods.

Our unique time-based promotion platform drives traffic to your shop, increasing your productivity and profitability.

For example,

Reward customers with 40% discount if they can make an appointment at 2 pm on a weekday. Configure the discounts at different timings to suit your needs.

ULO is Singapore’s 1st Happy Hour App for Lifestyle Services!

Who we serve

ULO currently serves the Beauty & Wellness sector in Singapore, namely...

Nail services

Hair & Facial services

BrowLash services

Massage services

Waxing services

Makeup services

Should you be from another sector and believe that ULO can benefit you, contact us.

How to join ULO as a merchant

It takes about 15 minutes to set up your shop on ULO.

Step 1 : Create your first shop

Download ULO App. Create your shop by going to “Settings” tab, “Create Shop”. Follow the instructions to set up your shop’s details and photo.

Step 2 : Set up your Staff/Assets and Calendar

You can list your staff or assets, and each of them will have individual calendars where appointments can automatically be stored from online booking, or manually.

Step 3 : Set up your Service Menu

List the services you provide so users will know what you offer. Remember to put in photo and write a good description! It really helps!

Step 4 : Manage your Booking Settings

Set up your lead time required to accept bookings online, SMS alert, Email alert. Proceed to set up your TimeReward discounts in the “Promotions” setting. Done!


Our pricing is simple and transparent. There is no setup fee, only a fixed amount of ULO Credits will be deducted for every successful appointment booked. Rates are based on “service category” per pax.

ULO Credits can be topped up securely in-app under “More” tab using a debit/credit card. Do note 1 ULO Credit = SGD 1.00.

For any cancelled/no show appointments, ULO Credits will be refunded.

Sector Service Category Rates (ULO Credits)
Beauty & Wellness Hair 5
Beauty & Wellness Nails 5
Beauty & Wellness Facial 5
Beauty & Wellness BrowLash 5
Beauty & Wellness Massage 5
Beauty & Wellness Waxing 5
Beauty & Wellness Makeup 5
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