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Korea Beauty Tips – South Korea Is known as a beauty-obsessed country and a global trendsetter in this industry, Korean celebrities who led the global Korean wave is also regularly praised for their flawless skin and complexion; sometimes you wonder whether there was some time-freezing formula in the market.

However, rather to admire in awe thinking there was a magical pill; many of these perfect skin boils down to sheer discipline in maintaining the skincare regime. Maintaining the perfect skin and beauty has the exact same success formula; similar to that of how Korean idols belt out those perfectly synchronised dance and performances – repeat, repeat and repeat.

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Beauty tip and secrets from Korean stars

Korean actress Son Ye Jin has been a representative of Korean beauty for a long time, and has found renewed popularity with her performances in “Crash Landing on You”; starring alongside heartthrob Hyun Bin. Contrary to popular believe in the multi-steps Korean skincare routine, the actress do not follow any of those; expressing that it is a matter of understanding your skin type and what suits you the best. Her usual. Routine involves regular cleansing due to her oily skin, and daily application of face masks. In addition, she focuses on products that hydrates the skin, and still follows her mother’s formula of putting cucumber slices on her eyes.

Glowing skin that looks poreless – Jessica Jung achieves her skin perfection by “heating” up her skincare products after application to encourage absorption. Just rub your palms together to generate a little heat and hold over your face without touching your skin. How this works is that your body heat opens up your pores slightly and makes your skin cells more receptive and responsive to your beauty products.

The Descendant of the Sun actor owes his enviably smooth and fair complexion to his nightly routine of washing his face with milk. While it might sound a little strange, think about the last time you had a milk bath at the spa – didn’t your skin feel luxuriously smooth after? The actor is also an advocate for using sheet masks at least once a day, no more than 20 minutes.

Ha Ji Won is another icon for a timeless beauty, whose at age 41 looks exactly like back when she co-starred Hyun Bin in hit drama “Secret Garden”. The actress shared that whenever she drank honey lemon soju, she gets complimented for her gorgeous skin tone the following day. She has her own skincare brand J-One whose flagship product – Jelly Mask Pack, is superior for hydration. She advocates hydration and shakes that she doesn’t use a towel to dry her face; being afraid that the unnecessary pulling actions will sag the skin.

If you don’t know Irene Kim, it means you are missing out on hip Korean trends. Irene is a model, beauty and fashion blogger, and television personality who walks in the forefront of Korean beauty and fashion trends. She was one of the leaders in the hair clip style embraced by so many Korean idols.

The model shares this helpful hack to handle those annoying zits (pimples) that appear right before an important event: blast hot water to steam up your shower, and soak a cotton pad with some toner and apply directly onto your breakouts. The steam opens up your pores and allows the properties of your toner to absorb better. For this tip, look for toners that contain ingredients like witch hazel or tea tree oil as they are known to help reduce inflammation.

The leader of K-pop group Super Junior shared that he follows a 5-steps cleansing regime in taking care of his skin. You would imagine how is it possible for a male to have skin comparable to that of female celebrities. The idol’s cleansing method will include a makeup remover, cleansing oil, and foam cleanser that he massage all over his face using a facial sponge, and finishing it off with a Clarisonic to deep clean. His skin care routine then continues with an essence and moisturizer.

Korean singer-actor Seo In Guk may have a killer voice, but he also has skin to die for. His trick is all about having a ready-to-use foaming cleanser like Neogen’s Green Tea Real Fresh Foam Cleanser, that will already create a foaming lather for you so you don’t have to apply too much pressure on the face to create a lather yourself. When applying it, he doesn’t skimp on product and uses about 6-7 pumps to massage it all over his face. He says this not only deeply cleanses his face but it makes his skin feel revitalized.

Song Hye Kyo has a remarkable filmography, and also an impressive list of skincare endorsements in her career. The actress’ skincare regime would include the daily application of masks, and the occasional use of milk as facial wash (Hmmmmm). Upon reaching 30, she incorporated regular exercise and a low sodium diet as part of her lifestyle. In addition, she advocates giving the skin sufficient rest as and when possible, when putting on make-up is not necessary.

The younger of the Jung sisters, Krystal shared in a previous interview that; “The most important thing for me is to remove all the makeup completely before I go to sleep. I put on a lot of moisturising cream before I go to bed. That’s how I take care of my skin – nothing special. I never skip removing my makeup. Never! It’s really important. [And] I always ensure I drink a lot of water and work out as much as I can.”

Member of popular boy band group BTS is no stranger to skin complaints (who says men don’t take care of their skin), and is particularly concerned about the elasticity of his skin. A frequent traveler, he recommends dampening cotton pads with toner and double moisturizing to avoid losing too much moisture and arriving at your destination with beautiful, glowing skin.

If I was to summarise after “listening” to all these Korean beauty tips, the secret to maintaining ageless beauty and the perfect skin lies in hydration. The ability to keep the skin regularly hydrated seems to be the key to unlocking the natural glow. The usage of various types of masks on an almost daily basis will help to simplify the often daunting X-steps Korean skincare regime.

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Apart from the personal skincare routine, I personally advocate to visit the beauty salon regularly; for the professionals to help with extractions and other more technical maintenance. If your skin is already clot, adding more “water” wouldn’t flood the impurities out of the skin right? Unless you think it’s like a choked pipe being cleared using a high pressure water gun.

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