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SINGAPORE, ULO Guide – Hello to all our readers and users, this write-up marks the start of our ULO Guide. This is where I look to give useful tips to our valuable merchant partners and users to make your experience with us more fruitful. In ULO, the success of our merchants is the top priority because then our users will continue to be rewarded with great value offers. Where else will you get up to 70% off those lifestyle services with no strings attached?

I will like to teach how all of you should be enjoying the ULO Lifestyle, because every aspect has been curated to give that perfect experience. For example, there is a ideal way to enjoy your Peking Duck at Imperial Treasure, or that Samsui Chicken at Soup Restaurant. ULO Lifestyle is more than a mobile app for you to yield savings, but should also be part of your overall lifestyle. Let’s dive straight in.

1 – ULO Lifestyle – Lifestyle service bookings at great value

This is the most obvious aspects of our product, a well developed mobile app that is smooth and seamless to use. Explore the app to look for the ideal off-peak offer, and proceed to book that service at the discount rate indicated. The discount will be applied to the overall amount that you spent on the day of the appointment, the more you spend the more you save! This is similar to how bars will offer discounted drinks during “Happy Hours”, which is the way they refer to off-peak hours. That is why ULO is also referred to the “First Happy Hour App in Singapore“.

There are more things up our sleeves, because there are many ways to utilize the app. On days where you are roaming around between appointments or a customer cancelled on you (boooo!), whip out your mobile phone and browse for the great merchants we have around you. Maximise the use of your time to go for that much needed massage, or hair cut to up the mood for the rest of the week. The best trip is always an unplanned one, and the ad-hoc self pampering may just yield some surprises.

2 – ULO Lifestyle – Directory and reviews

We all know that user reviews form an integral part of how we select and consume products and services in modern Singapore. Therefore, you can use the reviews within the ULO Lifestyle app under each of our partners to see what areas they do best in. No single business can be perfect, and every person has their unique preferences. Reading up those reviews that we have collected, curated and consolidated can help you better find the hair stylist, masseuse, beautician of choice. I won’t boast that we have the most comprehensive reviews compared to some other sites, but we definitely will have enough for you to make that important decision (assuming the merchant has sufficient digital footprint).

3 – Lifestyle updates on Instagram

If you are not aware, ULO Lifestyle has a humble instagram with some quirky content. Try engaging us on Instagram to experience how human it can be. At the same time, keep up to date with major happenings in Singapore or around the world. From pink October (referring to Singapore’s breast cancer awareness movement or simply South Korea’s Punk Muhly season), to uncovering Singapore Airline’s unique looking impossible meat satay served with SIA@Home, our Instagram covered it all. This is also not excluding gorgeous look books of hair trends around the world, and how you can incorporate the viral Among Us game into your daily look as well.

Take a look at some of it below, and follow us on @ULOLifestyle.

4 – Hump Day (Wednesday) on Facebook

In addition to our very human Instagram, the team also tries to give every a lift every day on “Hump Day”. Hump Day literally refers to Wednesday, which is the middle point of the work week. It is also used in the context of climbing a proverbial hill to get through a tough week. On Facebook, we publish our Hump Day report where serious topics are shared in a quirky and fun manner. From political views on the latest U.S presidential elections, to chocolate pancake recipes, and even how to open a pineapple with your bare hands. There is really no lack of surprises every Wednesday.

5 – The ULO Lifestyle Blog

Leaving the best for the last, here you are reading our newly launched blog. The blog was launched as another channel for us to engage with our readers through comments and great content sharing. Similar to our social media channels, I will be writing on a myriad of lifestyle topics closely related to your everyday life in Singapore. For a start, keep a look out on what is the latest hair colouring trend – 3D Balayage, and how you should go get it to impress at that Christmas party.

So watch this space regularly for special ULO promotions, new merchant offers, beauty and skincare tips, hair trends, and many more.

So if you have yet to follow us, please join in the conversations and get immersed in the ULO Lifestyle. Keep your eyes on the ULO Guide for more great tips in using the ULO app.

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