Chinese New Year 2021 hairstyling lookbook

Chinese New Year hairstyling

Chinese New Year 2021 is round the corner, so here we bring you some hairstyling and nails lookbook by the stylists in Singapore. Getting that makeover during the annual Chinese festivities has been a long-standing tradition. Shopping for new clothes, accessories, getting a hair style and colour makeover (and the undesirable surcharge), and perhaps even new furniture for the home.

Over the years, many stylists has gathered in Singapore, with many Japanese and Korean stylists bringing their skills and experiences over in a traditionally Malaysian dominated industry. The healthy competition has definitely sharpened the services offered, but customers also benefit from the most in-trend styles from the world.

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Words will not do justice to the styles, so we compiled the various styles in a “lookbook” below. Feel free to use it like a catalogue when you hit the salons for your annual makeover.

Bright hues will always be art of the “Huat” contingent for Chinese New Year. The always trendy curls and adding various tonality adds a different character to it all.

Hidden colours been something preferred by those in the more professional (think boring =X) industries, so the versatility allows you to hide the wild side beneath the dark outer layer.

Baby violet colour is very subtle and trendy to impress at the intimate gatherings.

Toni & Guy are definitely the experts in haircuts, treating every strand of it preciously. There’s a reason they are a global brand and runs a academy in Singapore.

Ash Lavender takes the mystical unicorn-ish colour theme, but will go very well for the occasion too.

Short styles has been gaining traction recently, with its clean lines and face-framing properties. Perfect for humid Singapore.

Perming is no longer a thing for the ladies, with male perms picking up steam in recent years. For the record, perming does not equate to “Maggie Mee” hair, so get updated.

No reason why the men can’t get a trendy styling on the hair. Style needs to be embraced by the brave.

Beat the Chinese New Year surcharge with ULO Lifestyle

We are so used to the surcharge salons have during this festive season. It is not unreasonable given the additional hours stylists put in to ensure you get the styling you need before the battle begins. However, while the stylists are rewarded for their hours, customers can also be rewarded if you choose the right hours to visit. Take some time off work, and hit the salons during the slightly less crowded hours, and unlock discounts to help overcome the surcharge.

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