Introducing ULO Lifestyle: Experience Happy Hour savings without booze!

ULO Lifestyle savings

Enjoy up to 70% off-peak savings on your favourite beauty & lifestyle services

SINGAPORE – If you are familiar with various popular cashback and deals mobile apps, Urban Lifestyle Offers (ULO) is here to offer you more great savings. ULO offers direct time-based discounts to your lifestyle services. There is no better time for consumers to capitalize on this, than during a post-COVID “working from home” (WFH) era.

ULO was designed to help flailing service retailers to focus in optimizing their biggest problem – off-peak periods. Fixed costs continue to be incurred when there are no customers during off-peak hours; in ULO terms – “Happy Hours”. These happy hours discounts will become savings to the consumers, which strikes a win-win deal for both businesses and consumers.

If bars can offer bucket deals off booze during happy hours, surely it can be applied to other time-based services

Samuel Chua, ULO Lifestyle Co-Founder

Savings on everybody’s mind post-COVID

COVID has led to everyone looking to tighten the purse strings, but the lifestyle should not be compromised. With ULO, you can save up to 70% off those regular visits to salons (we see it as essential). Working from home is looking to stay, and you now have the flexibility to enjoy these happy hours!

ULO does not involve often complex cashbacks or terms and conditions for use. Services are offered with a direct discount during off-peak time-slots, to reward you for your time. All you have to do is book your service with the merchant via the mobile app, and enjoy the discount!

ULO Lifestyle a homegrown Singapore start-up

ULO has been piloted since late 2019, and while hit by the COVID slowdown has amassed a rapidly growing user base of more than 2,000 monthly active users and close to 300 shops. While COVID has hit businesses hard, ULO as a homegrown start-up is focused on helping them out. By helping to sell the usually empty timeslots, it helps businesses better optimize their sunk costs, and increase revenue.

Lower revenue is better than no revenue

Samuel Chua, ULO Lifestyle Co-Founder

The next phase of ULO will involve the expansion into a wider range of lifestyle services, as well as outreach to more merchants to help them benefit from what ULO can offer during these difficult times. 

Start your savings journey with ULO Lifestyle by downloading the app on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

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