Balayage – The hair dye trend every influencer is talking about in Singapore

Balayage Singapore Hair Colouring

SINGAPORE, Hair Trend – The buzzword of hair dyeing and highlights in Singapore has been a certain “Balayage” for some time. It is such a thing that we see it floating around everywhere on Instagram, be it by influencers or hair salons showcasing their portfolio. Every other day felt like Christmas, with all those colourful graphics of hair. In actual fact, Balayage is nothing new in the hair industry, and started rising more into the scenes back in late 2018.

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How to pronounce Balayage?

This jargon is definitely one that falls under the category of “how the hell do you pronounce this”. The hair authority (Modern Salon) asserts the correct way to pronounce balayage is bah-lee-ahge with an alternate pronunciation of bah-lay-ahge. Whichever way you decide to go, I doubt anyone in Singapore will pronounce balayage better than you anyway.

What is Balayage?

Balayage is a French word that literally translates as “to sweep” and that’s quite exactly what your hair stylist will do if you ask for the treatment. She’ll apply very thin and gentle highlights toward the root, and gradually adding more drama from the mid to ends. The latest rise of this hair colouring technique is all about adding multi-tonal dimension – think of it like contouring for your hair, giving it the upgrade to 3D Balayage. 3D balayage takes traditional balayage and makes it more multi-tonal, instead of streaky or flat. Rather than dyeing the hair with a single colour, there are two shades, and one always slightly darker.

Many ladies should have experienced how poorly done colouring job can result in a flat and lifeless hair. This was probably what got people excited, and with all the celebrity hype there is no way this can be kept under wraps. Now that you have read about what the word is about, time to check out the inspiring effects of it.

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While Christmas and the Lunar New Year being around the corner, it’s probably a good time to help boost the gloomy Singapore economy while preparing for the festivities. If manners maketh the man, then the hair definitely makes the ladies to a great extent too. While working from home, if you have some time to spare, why not make a booking for that hair treatment through ULO Lifestyle. Be rewarded for your time by our partners with the discounts, and walk away ready for the intimate parties.

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